In The News - 2011

Fisherfolk concerned over industrial pollution along coast
Source: 'The Hindu Business Line, India'
Dated: 08 April 2011

Saving the Bay of Bengal

The Phuket News Friday 25th March 2011, p23
A brief introduction to the BOBLME project, highlighting the adverse effects of human destructive action on the Bay and the relevance of the project’s activities to the livelihood of the populations of the countries bordering the Bay.

Nations unite for marine management

Phuket Gazette, Mar 05 2011 p. 14
An article giving a brief outline of the BOBLME project and its role together with some of its major accomplishments and current activities supporting the countries in the Bay of Bengal region; with special reference to the RCU location and work done in the Andaman Sea area of Thailand and Myanmar.
Livelihoods of 450m coastal South Asians under threat
Source: The Daily Star
Dated: 10. December 2011