BOBLME Socio-economic monitoring training (with FFI)

09 January - 19 January, 2014 at Mawlamyine, Myanmar


Session 1A SocMon Introduction Objectives 04Jan2014
Session 1B FFI SOCMON Experience - SocMon Lessons Learnt
Session 1C SOCMON SEA and CARESS Experiences
Session 2 Overview of Current Status of Myanmar Marine Environments_U_Soe_Htun_(10.1.14)
Session 3 The SocMon Research Process 04Jan2014
Session 4 SocMon Preparatory Activities and Planning 02Jan2014
Session 5 Socioeconomic Monitoring Indicators 10Jan2014
Session 6 Reconnaisance and Planning 02Jan2014
Session 7 Reconnaisance Survey Field Observation 02Jan2014
Session 8 Visualization Tachniques and Socmon PRA methods
Session 10 Coding and Data Management for Household Interview 8Jan2014
Session 11 Sampling and Selection of Household Informants 02Jan2014
Session 12 Undertaking the Field works for Data Gathering 02Jan2014
Session 13 Secondary Sources-Key Informant Indicators
Session 14 The Key Informant Interview Guide for SocMon Variables
Session 15 Sampling and Selection of Key Informants 02Jan2014
Session 16 the Focus Group Discussion as a Data Gathering Instrument 02Jan2014
Session 17 Using FGD SocMon Variables 04Jan2014
Session 18 FGD Summary and Usage and The FGD Guide
Session 19-20 Discuss Data Gathering Instruments 02Jan2014
Session 23 Summarizing SocMon HHI and KII DataResults Using Descriptive Statistics 02Jan14
Session 24 Additional slides for Transcribing and Summarizing KII FGD Materials
Session 24 FGD Data Summary and Write-up 18Jan2014
Session 25 Initial SocMon Report Writing 19January2014
Session 26 Preparing Workplan SocMon Research Projects 19January2014
Session 27 Training Wrap-Up 9-19January 19January2014

data gathering material

FGD GUIDE for SocMon Climate Change Indicators 13jan 2014
FGD GUIDE for Threats SocMon Myanmar 11 Jan2014
FGD GUIDE SocMon Variables Set 1 (not incl Climate Change Variables)
HH Interview Guide_SocMon Myanmar 10Jan 2014 legal size
Key Informant Interview Guide Questions for Fishers, Processors, Traders
KII Guide (SocMon Variables)_ SocMon Myanmar 28 Sept
SocMon Myanmar Field Observation Guide 12January2014 clean

Meeting Reports